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Financial management is a very important in order for us to live a better life. In financial management, there is a few  places for us to diversify our money so that we can achieve the financial goals. We have several instruments such as investment, takaful for wealth protection as well as hibah where all these have their own purpose. Thus, with the great plan, strategy, and the right choice of instruments will lead to achieve the financial goals as per plan.


GLOBAL MARKET Private Mandate

Stock investment in international stock market managed and monitored by licensed and professional fund managers


A collective investment scheme that allows investors with similar investment objectives to pool their funds together. Invested by professional fund managers in a portfolio of securities according to the fund’s objective and investment strategy

Income Protection Takaful

Protects you & your loved ones with comprehensive medical protection. Sign up now to get more info at an affordable coverage

Wealth Management Hibah

A gift and ownership from one party to another without any consideration (iwad) that occurs during the life of a hibah provider, made voluntarily, not meant to glorify anybody and given by reciting an ijab and qabul or any such expressions

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Who is… Iman Firdaus

Later in 2015, Iman moved and explore to investment and financial industry where he become a Licensed Unit Trust Consultant. In here, he discovers more on the fundamental and technical approach of investments locally and globally.

Now, Iman is an authorized Unit Trust and Private Retirement Consultant / Authorized Takaful Consultant / Marketing Representative in one of the biggest financial management firm internationally standard which registered under the Securities Commission Malaysia. 

Iman Firdaus is now holding a few Professional Licenses as follows:

  • Marketing Representative (Licensed by Securities Commission Malaysia) –Click Here
  • Authorized Unit Trust / Private Retirement Consultant (Registered Under Federation of Investment Managers Malaysia) –Click Here
  • Member of Malaysia Takaful Association (MTA-G68639 / AIA Public Takaful) – Click here 

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Crisis VS Opportunity

Let’s turn the risk, economic crisis, MCO, PKP into OPPORTUNITY 🤩 Jom kte throwback 1st MCO dlu on 18 Mac 2020. Before that, this is

Buy Low, Sell High

PM br je announce PKP start esokkan, ditambah pula dgn pengisytiharan proklamasi darurat, so market mgkin akn drop balek. In fact pagi ni setakat jam

Savings VS Expenses

Ramai antara kita yg memilih untuk mengira perbelanjaan dahulu barulah kira portion untuk savings bila buat monthly bajet. Kebiasaannya kita akan meletakkan lebihan pendapatan (income

Let The Money Works For You

Ni adalah contoh untuk kita buat lifetime income. Ni pun salah satu contoh investment goals kita. Yg paling penting adalah pastikan investment vehicle kte tpt

Set Your Financial Goals

n investment, we must have goals or objectives. Memang at the end of the day, kita nk dpt high return, but it means nothing kalo

Retirement Plan

Jom kita kira, berapa amount duit kita perlu ada untuk kita retire dgn hati yang tenang tanpa perlu bekerja lagi. Lihat cth kiraan diatas, katakan



We are here to assist you on any enquiries related to investment and financial management. Alternatively, you may also directly contact us through the form here

All the products offered are regulated and monitored by Securities Commission and Bank Negara Malaysia.

Yes, all the products offered are Shariah Compliance by the higher authority in Malaysia and international.

Each and every product has their own risk. In any kind of investment, one of the basic rules is “High Risk High Return”. The consultant will do the necessary due diligent and financial analysis to ensure the risk appetite of the client as well as the financial goals before come out with the financial products that suits to client needs. Rest assured, “Guaranteed Return” is a Non-Shariah compliance, and in addition, u may also call that kind of financial product as a scam.

Yes, Iman Firdaus is an authorized and professional licensed holder as follows:

  • Marketing Representative – Licensed by Securities Commission Malaysia (Click Here
  • Authorized Unit Trust / Private Retirement Consultant – Registered Under Federation of Investment Managers Malaysia (Click Here
  • Member of Malaysia Takaful Association (MTA-G68639 / AIA Public Takaful) – Click here 



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All the information shared are in the form of education and information on how to design the financial goals using investment, and financial analysis with the strategies that can be used by you. All the information in this website is from the research and analysis by Iman Firdaus (author) and it is all opinion and idea by the author. It is also not involving any kind of  money collection activities as well as non-recommend kind of investment and financial products in a form of securities/stocks/bond/takaful/hibah to the clients on which portfolio to buy. All the actions and decisions for taking any investments or financial products solely made by you.

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