Set Your Financial Goals

n investment, we must have goals or objectives. Memang at the end of the day, kita nk dpt high return, but it means nothing kalo kita takde objectives

Bila kita dh ade goals, then only kte bole tolerate dgn time horizon. Cthnya, kalo kte pnye investment goals untuk beli rumah in the next 5 years, so we are willing to wait for 5 years to enjoy the higher return sbb kita nk guna duit tu in the next 5 years

Ble kita dh clear dgn objective investment kte, next strategy is wait for the money to grow no matter how the market is doing as long as we put the money into the correct portfolio 😊

So, what’s your financial goals? Can u achieve it with your current savings or investment vehicle? How to achieve it?

PM me NOW and let me design it for you. And trust me, we make it till we achieve it and we realise it, biiznillah inshAllah 🤩

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