Buy Low, Sell High

PM br je announce PKP start esokkan, ditambah pula dgn pengisytiharan proklamasi darurat, so market mgkin akn drop balek. In fact pagi ni setakat jam 11.02pg ni, FBMKLCI dh drop 20++ mata (sumber Awani).

So it’s a big opportunity to investors to GRAB this! Senang cte, it’s a best time to invest now!

Bayangkan dlu, in March 2020, kte bli or invest at 1200pts++ and sell back at 1600pts++, giler tak giler profit dlm 400-500pts! Lbih kurang 30-40% dlm mse bbrapa bulan je!

Padu tak padu! Ha, so grab this opportunity. Invest NOW! DON’T MISS THE BOAT!

Nk tau x investment vehicle mne yg sesuai tuk invest skrg and bole grab as much as possible the return? Ha, DM/PM me now for more info and let me share u the details 🤩

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