1. Account value in Participant’s Account Fund.
  2. Prior to age 70 only.
  3. After age 18, and prior to age 70 only.
  4. Akaun Legasi amount will only be payable upon Total and Permanent Disability, or selected events determined in the Takaful certificate.
  5. The event date of the life achievement must occur after 3 years from the commencement date of the Takaful certificate. The subsequent event date of the life achievement must occur 3 years after the previous event date of the life achievement.
  6. Provided the coverage amount at the point of benefit payment is not lesser than RM500,000.
  7. Provided no outstanding contribution since inception, no withdrawal of account value from Participant’s Account Fund and your coverage amount at the point of benefit payment is not lesser than RM500,000.
  8. Total account value refers to account value in both of Participant’s Account Fund and Participants’ Investment Fund.
  9. An allocated contribution will be used to purchase units in accordance with your investment allocation instruction to your Participants’ Investment Fund. Any account value from Participants’ Investment Fund will be payable upon termination of the Takaful certificate. Minimum ad hoc top-up amount is RM5,000. 10 Depending on the age and health condition of the person covered


AIA PUBLIC Takaful Bhd. (AIA PUBLIC) dimiliki bersama oleh AIA Co. Ltd. (AIA), Public Bank Berhad (PBB) dan Public Islamic Bank Berhad (anak syarikat milik penuh PBB). Ditubuhkan pada 11 Mac 2011, AIA PUBLIC menggunakan kedudukan AIA dan Kumpulan PBB sebagai peneraju di samping infrastruktur dan rangkaian pengedaran di dalam industri insurans dan perbankan yang kukuh bagi memacu pertumbuhan dan meningkatkan penembusan Takaful Keluarga di dalam pasaran domestik. AIA PUBLIC komited dalam menawarkan penyelesaian Syariah yang tepat bagi memenuhi keperluan yang berbeza pada setiap peringkat kehidupan pelanggan-pelanggan kami.


AIA PUBLIC Takaful Bhd. (AIA PUBLIC) is jointly owned by AIA Co. Ltd. (AIA), Public Bank Berhad (PBB) and Public Islamic Bank Berhad (a wholly-owned subsidiary of PBB). Incorporated on 11 March 2011, AIA PUBLIC leverages on AIA and PBB Group’s leadership positions as well as established infrastructure and distribution networks in the insurance and banking industries to drive growth and increase the Family Takaful penetration in the domestic market. AIA PUBLIC is committed to offering the right Shariah solutions to meet the different life stages needs of our customers.



All the information shared are in the form of education and information on how to design the financial goals using investment, and financial analysis with the strategies are can be used by you. All the information in this website is from the research and analysis by Iman Firdaus (author) and it is all opinion and idea by the author. It is also not involving any kind of a money collection activities as well as non-recommend kind of investment and financial products in a form of securities/stocks/bond/takaful/hibah to the clients on which portfolio to buy. All the actions and decisions for taking any investments or financial products solely made by you.

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