Fund Investment Unit Trust & Private Retirement Scheme

Services of choosing a wide range of Shariah-based unit trust funds as well as Private Retirement funds to meet various investor’s needs.

Shariah-Based Unit Trust

  • Shariah-based unit trust is a Shariah-compliant collective investment scheme that allows investors with similar investment objectives to pool their funds together.
  • These funds will be invested by professional fund managers in a Shariah-compliant portfolio of securities according to the fund’s objective and investment strategy.

Benefits of Investing in Shariah-based Unit Trust Funds

Professionally Managed in Accordance with Shariah Requirements

Competitive Returns

Effective Diversification to Minimise Risk and Volatility

Ease of Transactions


Regulated by Securities Commission Malaysia (SC) and Shariah-compliant Certified by Independent Shariah Adviser

Power of Compounding

Peace of Mind

Power of Compounding The Benefits of Starting Early

The earlier you start investing, the greater the accumulated return on your original investment. This is due to the effects of compounding yield.


All the information shared are in the form of education and information on how to design the financial goals using investment, and financial analysis with the strategies are can be used by you. All the information in this website is from the research and analysis by Iman Firdaus (author) and it is all opinion and idea by the author. It is also not involving any kind of a money collection activities as well as non-recommend kind of investment and financial products in a form of securities/stocks/bond/takaful/hibah to the clients on which portfolio to buy. All the actions and decisions for taking any investments or financial products solely made by you.

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